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We support more than 250 customers with their e-marketing performance strategies. By constantly seeking to innovate and enhance the performance of our devices we provide competitive solutions that enable our customers to hit their targets.

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Our solutions for boosting your sales

Lead generation

Target and gather web-users with an interest in what you are selling in order to maximise your return on marketing investments!

We help you devise your customer development strategy using proven methods.

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Email Marketing

Boost your income by using email to communicate effectively and converting your prospects and visitors into new customers.

Focus your advertising campaigns on highly-targeted audiences thanks to our databases featuring multiple segmentation criteria.

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Discover our theme-based portals and our audience monetisation solutions for content creators!

Thanks to our expertise in acquisition, monetisation and publishing, we have no hesitation in guaranteeing a high-quality audience across the whole marketing value chain for our products and solutions.

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Our satisfied customers

Whether you are involved in e-commerce or run a media site, we offer customised solutions for gathering qualified prospects and generating traffic to your site. Trust us to recruit your future customers!